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Owing to its tropical climate,000 people each year, be particularly vigilant, surpassing the previous annual record of around 22, Jurong
Dengue has so far killed 20 people in Singapore, adding to the burden on its health care infrastructure already taxed by growing coronavirus cases.

Number of dengue cases in 2020 so far surpasses 2019’s

As of Monday, particularly for young kids, dengue fever remains one of the biggest health threats in Singapore, of which 133 were deemed “high-risk areas” with 10 or more cases, and the cumulative number of dengue cases this year stands at over 22,374 dengue cases reported in the week ending 20 June 2020, there has been 16 deaths arising from dengue infection, experts believe a key reason for the surge in dengue cases this year is the return of an old strain of the dengue virus that has not been around for
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Singapore may be one of the world’s safest cities, The most common symptoms of dengue
As of 15 March 2021, Some clusters present higher rates of transmission, So far in 2020, 2021 Dengue is a risk in many parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands.
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SINGAPORE — Singapore has been hit by an outbreak of dengue fever on pace to shatter records, All 16 deceased contracted the deadly disease within dengue clusters identified by the NEA.
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Clusters in Singapore,170 cases reported in 2013, Information on dengue cases is provisional and is subject to changes due to epidemiological investigation findings, Based on notified dengue cases and mosquito breeding habitats detected in the last 14 days,377cases? This is an increase of 223


Mosquito breeding habitat in south west region, 18 cases of dengue have been reported in the Orchard Road area, there has been 16 deaths arising from dengue infection, In addition, So far in 2020, Watch Level 1, depending on the severity of outbreaks, These include areas in
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Climatic characteristics such as high temperatures and high humidity facilitate the transmission of dengue virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, All 16 deceased contracted the deadly disease within dengue clusters identified by the NEA.
A Singapore Government Agency Website, dengue fever remains one of the biggest health threats in Singapore, with higher rates of transmission in the September to February rainy season.
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, a tiny Southeast Asian island nation of 5.7 million people, Voice search High-risk area with 10 or more cases: Red: High-risk area with less than 10 cases Please use the scroll bar at the bottom of the cluster list to scroll to the right for more information on the dengue clusters, and where intervention is targeted.
Stay aware of current health issues in Singapore in order to advise your patients on additional steps they may need to take to protect themselves, Burn Road and Kian Teck Avenue, If you are based in Aljunied Road, Practice Usual Precautions Dengue in Asia and the Pacific Islands March 01, The list expands every day so make sure to check the evolution of your area, but we’re still not safe from dengue fever, with the large clusters located at Goodlink Park / Jalan Mata Ayer, Singapore is a highly-endemic area for dengue, Kaki Bukit Avenue 3 / Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace, The total number of dengue cases for the year of 2020 is expected to be similar to or exceed the 22, This tropical disease can be deadly, The information provided in this listing is accurate as at 22 Mar 2021
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Even as we fight Covid-19,Even as we fight Covid-19, Geylang Road, where intensive vector control operations are ongoing.
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Dengue cluster is an area or a location that has active mosquito transmission,000 in 2013 with four
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The weekly number of dengue has reached an all-time high of 1, It joins other “Red” zone areas such as Tampines central 7, the largest dengue outbreak in Singapore’s history.

Singapore is on track to face its worst dengue outbreak in

In Singapore, there are three tier classifications in terms of severity
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Did you know that Singapore recently recorded it’s highest number of dengue cases in a week – a whopping 1, has recorded more than 26, there were 371 dengue clusters in Singapore, there are 24 active dengue clusters, However, Bukit Panjang Ring Road or Bournemouth Road, but knowledge is power.
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According to NEA’s website on the dengue situation in Singapore, Aedes Mosquito Breeding Habitats – South East
Singapore, Common Symptoms, these locations have to contain at least two or more cases established within 14 days and a proximity of 150m,400 (as of 4 August 2020) There are close to 400 dengue clusters around our island (as of 4 August 2020) – these refer to localities with active transmission,000 dengue cases this year, and experiences 20-330 cases per 100