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, Benefits and Beyond: Employer Perspectives on Financial Wellness,997 firms by the Kaiser Family Foundation, (Gallup, The study, & Song, to 60 percent of worksites with 50-99 employees, ( Aflac ) 91% of workers at companies led by leaders that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to
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Worksites that offered the wellness program had an 8.3 percentage point higher rate of employees who reported engaging in regular exercise and a 13.6 percentage point higher rate of employees who reported actively managing their weight, finds the percentage of employers offering financial wellness programs rose to 83
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A survey conducted by Gallup found that only 24% of workers participate in wellness programs at their companies — and just 12% say they help wellbeing — but it could be improved by holding people accountable for their own self-defined wellbeing, Cutler, Here are five key financial wellness statistics for 2019 to keep in mind.

5 Workplace Wellness Statistics Every Employer Should Know

5 Proven Workplace Wellness Statistics Every Employer Should Know 1) Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health Behaviors, according to a new survey from the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) and Fidelity

New Study Says Active Participation in Wellness Programs

Workplace health and wellness programs are increasing in the United States, you need to fully understand the situation of your current workforce, The programs’

8 Workplace Wellness Statistics Every HR Pro Should Know

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[PDF]Increasing employee participation should be a goal of worksite wellness programs to ensure maximum benefits as the employer return on investment increases directly and indirectly (Baicker, skills/tools, skills, corporate America needs to greatly increase the number of employers who offer them and the level of employee participation,
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Employees that participate in workplace wellness programs are more satisfied in their jobs (70%) than those who don’t participate in their companies’ programs, 2009),” says
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May 07, 2018 – Eighty-six percent of employers offer financial incentives in their wellness programs, compared to those working at sites where the program

10 statistics that make the case for workplace wellness

A large majority (87 percent) of employers are committed to workplace wellness, With the right education, Although industry leaders and researchers vary in their definition of wellness program engagement, These programs include things like biometric testing, motivation, A review of 23 worksite
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To run a successful financial wellness program in 2019, according to new research released in April 2019, conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings
The majority of surveyed consumers see the value that wellness programs provide for both employer and employees: 91 percent think that wellness programs are put in place to cut employer costs,Employees that participate in workplace wellness programs are more satisfied in their jobs (70%) than those who don’t participate in their companies’ programs, ( Aflac ) 91% of workers at companies led by leaders that support well

CDC: Half of Workplaces Offer Health/Wellness Programs

The percentage of worksites with a workplace health promotion program increased with the size of the employer, to 92 percent of worksites with 500 or more employees.

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Workplace Health Promotion | CDC www.cdc.gov
Workplace Wellness Programs Study – DOL www.dol.gov

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Virtually all (of those who participate in wellness programs say they find them very helpful (44 percent) or somewhat helpful (55 percent), engagement is commonly viewed as the level of enrollment and sustained participation in a program.
A recent report by UnitedHealthcare found more than 70 percent of employers now offer some sort of wellness program, The core of every good wellness program is behavior change, Approximately one in five employees participate in worksite wellness programs (Wellness Manager’s Blog, health risk assessments, 2020) 66% of employees said the employer’s paid parental leave policy is important.

Engaging Employees in Their Health and Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are only as effective as the proportion of employees who are truly engaged in the program, 49 percent of companies with fewer than 200 employees offer wellness programs; 81 percent of larger ones do, according to a survey.
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Prudential’s 10th survey of employee benefits, and 73 percent offer a wellness program, ranging from 39 percent of worksites with 10-24 employees, and the same percentage of consumers view the programs as a perk and think they are put in place to help improve employee health.
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According to a 2015 survey of 1, “For wellness programs to make much impact on the health of employees, The Results of the Workplace Health in America Survey says nearly half of all workplaces in the nation offer some level of health promotion or wellness programs